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Cheesiness to the max. Oh well, I was feeling it for quite a while anyways.


Scootaloo's Dreams Are Made..

Suddenly awakened, unable to return
To sleep, she feels her stomach churn
As she rose begrudgingly from her bed

The chilling tendrils of the midnight air
The moonlight glow upon her hair
She silently clambers towards her window

She gazes at the painted sky
Picture perfect, in her eyes
Oh, how she longed to learn

Indifferent to the time at hand
Slipping away like grains of sand
She doesn't know exactly what to do

Deciding to return to slumber
She feels that she's only dumber
For even thinking that she could succeed

But then, somepony else comes along
Gives her hope, makes her strong
And suddenly, she begins to change

"Don't give up kid, don't lose hope
You're not at the end of your rope
No matter what everypony says"

"Don't lose faith, don't give in
It's just a little kick in the shin
You're the strongest one that I have ever seen"

With tears crawling down her muzzle
She thinks she feels a phantom nuzzle
As she assures herself to sleep

But right before she loses sight
Only one thing remains on her mind...
"Rainbow Dash…"<i>


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Artist | Student
I'm Chris. I'm a first year in college, and I'm trying to become a better artist. Freehand drawing, graphic design, I'm up for anything really.

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